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An Accessible Website Theme

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? The answer is more in the journey that helps a developer sharpen his tools than in fixing anything. In fact, the website was stable and accessible. Now, that I am finished, I am writing this post coincident with Global Accessibility Awareness Day. I do not expect this small site to be a significant contribution, but I wish to keep the needs of accessibility on par with the other criteria that should be used for web publishing.

Why Swift? It's Fun!

If I get a specific question a third time then I should document the answer as there will likely be more requests coming.

Here it is, my pitch for “Why Swift?”

I had an opportunity to develop a full-stack web application to assist in the collection of public comments on regulatory change proposals. The existing practice is to publish an email address and read the comments that are sent in. There is a bit of a scramble to extract all the comments that relate to the many sections of the proposed regulation amendment.